Faster Flowering With Far-Red Light Treatments – Light Spectrum Science and the Commercial Grower’s Competitive Edge.

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Shortening the time to market can be as important, and just as impactful, as the question of yield. The grower quoted below does this by changing the light spectrum in his Heliospectra's ELIXIA LED during different growth cycles. Growers can modify the light spectrum using our built-in control software and scheduling program for greenhouse automation.

"I have consistently decreased flowering time by 10-14 days across many different strains. In doing so, I achieve a faster time to market while still achieving better than average yields.” - Commercial Grower and Washington state licensee. 

We walk a fine line in revealing the grow light recipe designed by one of our customers. In the spirit of an open discussion, with the intent to “raise all ships,” we feel it is important to share this grower’s discovery. Without giving away too much, this grower runs a modified 12/12 light cycle during flower. Towards the end of the 12hr light cycle, the Blue, White, and Red colors turn off, leaving the Far-Red light at full power to finish the cycle. This light recipe results in a decreased flowering time, and steady yield output.

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As one of the best LED grow light manufacturers, Heliospectra knows that yield and productivity are foremost concerns for growers. For this WA cultivator, increasing crop throughput, while achieving better than average yields, has a consistently positive impact on their bottom line.

Cannabis under a treatment of far-red light