Developing the Sensor Technology of the Future - European Innovation Partnership Project

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Heliospectra is leading an innovation project supported by EU funds; European Innovation Partnership (EIP).

The overall purpose of the EIP-support is to create better connections through research, new techniques, and practical work within agriculture, garden, and reindeer husbandry. It should also lead up to developing good, practical, and innovative solutions for joint challenges within different areas.

Heliospectra's approved project is called “New method for biotic stress detection in horticultural production”. The innovation comprises an optical sensor that measures the chlorophyll fluorescence on canopy level at a change in incoming light, produced by Heliospectra lighting systems in a greenhouse environment. The project aims to detect stress caused by light and other non biotic factors such as drought and salt. The technique could also be used for early detection of biotic stress which is plant stress caused by pests or other disease aggressions.  

For more information, please contact: Daniel Bånkestad, Project Manager at or +46 707 55 15 29



(4-March 2020)