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Different Lighting Strategies for Inducing Red Coloration in Lettuce

Ida Fallstrom Plant and Light Expert from Heliospectra presents on the topic of Inducing Red...

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The Absorption and Action Spectrum and the Benefits of Green Light

From the beginning, Heliospectra has always included green light in grow lights. This decision was...

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Food Supply In a Post-Pandemic EU: Growing Smarter and Locally

Growing and producing crops closer to consumers in a controlled environment may be the response...

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Hedging Against Climate Change with Controlled Environment Agriculture

Last year, social distancing restrictions and border closures created harvest and supply chain...

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Taking Advantage of LED Incentive Programs for Canadian Growers

Across Canada, government and utility organizations are offering generous LED incentives and...

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Greenhouse Light Pollution Reduction Strategies using LEDs

Food and cannabis growers rely on supplemental greenhouse lighting for consistent year-round crop...

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LED Rebates, Incentives & Cost Savings

Across North America, governments and utilities are offering generous LED rebates and incentives...

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How 4 Young Vertical Farming Visionaries Built a Thriving Business in Just 3 Years

It all began in 2017 when three friends, Magnus Crommert, Cristoffer Barath and Erik Lundgren...

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Greenhouse Lighting Strategies: Finish Red Lettuce Year-Round with Supplemental Lighting

Understanding the relationship between supplemental lighting and plant growth is key for...

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Using Light Intensity to Improve the Development and Flavor of Basil

In one of our By Growers for Growers webinars, Dr. Roberto Lopez of Michigan State University...

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