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Studying How Light Spectrum Quality Impacts Vegetable Transplant Growth

Different plant species have different light requirements at each stage of their development. One...

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Vertical Farming: Growing Up After the Pandemic

The Top 5 Benefits of Vertical Farming for Building a Sustainable and Resilient Fresh Food Supply...

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Redefining Inspiration: An Exciting New Information Hub by Growers for Growers

Have you ever searched all over the web for answers to your cultivation questions – and still came...

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Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge: The Conclusion!

Wageningen University and Research (WUR) (Sponsored by Heliospectra and other industry leaders)...

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Growing Tomatoes Remotely with the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge

The 2nd Edition of the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge is underway, drawing 21 teams and over 200...

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MITRA LED Grow Light Deep Dive: An Introduction


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Horticulture Lighting Metrics: Understand Grow Lights

Choosing the best LED grow lights for your facility is essential to growing healthy plants and...

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Would You Let Your Plants Control Your Light?

On the heels of our webinar on achieving higher yields, revenue cycles, and crop quality with...

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MITRA LED Grow Light Deep Dive Part 2: The Design.

An Introduction

Products like the MITRA LED Grow Light seldom appear out of thin air, instead,...

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Does Your Winter Greenhouse Tomato Know What It Could Yield?

In this second post in our series on daily light integral (DLI), we demonstrate how greenhouse...

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