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Greenhouse Tomatoes: High Light Vegetable Series

There are many factors to consider when growing greenhouse tomatoes, and they will all play a part...

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The importance of DLI and Light Quality

Different plants require a different amount of light throughout the day for healthy crop...

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At the far edge of what the human eye can perceive, far-red radiation lies along the spectrum from ...

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Smart Farming with Data-Driven Agriculture

Farming is ever-evolving. Far beyond horse and plow, modern agricultural advances are driven by...

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Greenhouse Propagation: Precision and Uniformity in a Greenhouse

Propagation is the most demanding stage of plant development.

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What to Look for in a Greenhouse Light Plan

When it comes to lighting a greenhouse or any indoor grow facility, the number of factors to...

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Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting: Hacking the Sun to Grow Your Business

Plants rely on sunlight for growth and development. Optimizing the light plants receive can be one...

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Different Lighting Strategies for Inducing Red Coloration in Lettuce

Ida Fallstrom Plant and Light Expert from Heliospectra presents on the topic of Inducing Red...

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Greenhouse Light Pollution Reduction Strategies using LEDs

Food and cannabis growers rely on supplemental greenhouse lighting for consistent year-round crop...

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Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge: The Conclusion!

Wageningen University and Research (WUR) (Sponsored by Heliospectra and other industry leaders)...

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